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Ownership Pattern: As on July 08, 2016
Description No. of Shares Shareholding (%)
Founder & Founder's Family & Friends 1,770,133 3.23
ACCION Africa Asia Investment Company* 19,650,000 35.94
Michael and Susan Dell Foundation 4,100,993 7.50
M V Mauritius Limited 5,467,991 10.00
Swadhaar FinServe Employee Welfare Trust 4,286,822 7.84
RBL Bank Limited 16,403,974 30.00
Others (Resident Individuals) 3,000,000 5.49
Total 54,679,913 100.00

*This is the investment vehicle through which ACCION International has invested in Swadhaar

ACCION International is a private, not-for-profit organisation with the objective of giving people the financial tools they need - microenterprise loans, business training and other financial services - to work their way out of poverty. Since its founding in 1961 in Venezuela, ACCION has grown into one of the most widely recognised microfinance organisations in the world. ACCION brings microfinance to millions of people around the world through its partner organisations spread across Latin America, Africa, Asia and the United States. In the past decade, ACCION-affiliated organisations have disbursed over USD 17 billion to 6.5 million individuals worldwide. By providing technical assistance, equity financing, loan guarantees and governance to its partner organisations, ACCION aims to improve those partners' operational efficiency and, ultimately, their financial sustainability. ACCION has won numerous accolades and received much recognition in the field of development, including Fast Company's "Social Capitalist Award" for the past five consecutive years and Charity Navigator's coveted four-star rating for the last two consecutive years.

ACCION provides technical support to Swadhaar through a number of initiatives in lending methodology, product development, risk management and information technology. It has deputed four specialists at Swadhaar as the Chief Operating Officer, Chief Finance Officer, Chief Risk and Strategy Officer, and Chief Manager of Credit and Risk.

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The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation (MSDF) was established in 1999 by the Dell family to improve outcomes for children living in urban poverty. Based in Austin, Texas, MSDF funds programs that foster and improve education, health and safety for children around the world. With an endowment of over USD 1 billion, the foundation has committed more than USD 270 million to date for children's issues in the United States and globally. Because of the proven social impact of microfinance, the foundation is keenly engaged in bolstering growth-oriented microfinance institutions that have the potential of reaching millions of un-served poor. The centerpiece of MSDF's initial efforts in microfinance has focused on catalysing the development of the urban microfinance market in India by providing risk capital to start-up microfinance organisations.

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MV Mauritius Limited is an affiliate of MicroVest II-A, LP (MVII-A), a USD 60 million equity fund designed to provide investment capital to top-tier microfinance institutions and funding facilities around the world. MVII-A is managed by MicroVest Capital Management, LLC (MicroVest), a private, for-profit SEC-registered investment advisor headquartered in Washington, DC. MicroVest seeks to build capital markets that work for the world's entrepreneurial poor by facilitating the flow of international private capital to low-income finance institutions. Since 2004, MicroVest has offered commercial investment vehicles designed to balance market financial returns to investors and positive impact to the developing world. Currently, MicroVest manages over USD 130 million in assets through four fund vehicles.

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